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An easy way to upgrade a room is with moulding. You can add width, depth, and height to trim. This adds to the walls and helps provide a uniform look to your home.

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Railing Systems

Stylish railings add distinction and style to your outdoor living space. Exterior railings can be stunning as well as functional. Composite railings are a great choice.

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Columns and Posts

Columns can be incorporated into a room’s design. They can be a functional or decorative architectural feature. They provide an aesthetic appeal with little modification. They add color, design, and texture to a space.

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Treads and Stairs

How often do you use your stairs? How often do you think of them as a prominent feature of your home? You’d be surprised what new treads, railings, balusters, or spindles can do.A new stair design can turn your hallway or entry way into the focal point of your home.

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Exterior window shutters historically were made available when glass wasn’t readily available or affordable. Shutters were originally used to protect the window, provide privacy, and add additional insulation. With new window technology, shutters are still used, but for aesthetic purposes as a feature for your home’s exterior

Gable Vents

Like soffits, and ridge vents, gable vents or louvers are used as a passive venting system. The difference in a gable vent is that they are designed to add an architectural element to the space to an otherwise invisible opening.