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Interior Doors 101

Finding the Perfect Interior Doors

800 Square Feet of Visual Impact

The average mid-size home has about 24 interior doors. That’s 800 square feet of visual impact. This is arguably the largest design element in the home. See below to learn how you can use trends, style, and inspiration to create a look that defines your home.

Popular Interior Door Applications

Swinging Door

Hinged doors swing into or out of a room, this is the most typical interior door application.

Bi-Fold Door

Typically used for closets, but can be used between rooms as well. A bi-fold door has sections that fold in pairs.

Pocket Door

Pocket doors save space and add an interesting architectural feature to your home. Typically used in bathrooms or to divide rooms, the pocket door slides into a compartment in the adjacent wall.

By-Pass Door

Commonly used as closet doors, bypass doors slide in either direction past one another on a track to access one side of the closet at a time.

Barn Door

With what seems to be the latest interior door trend, barn doors use externally mounted hardware which allow the door to slide over and opening without the space needed for a swinging door. The barn door adds the function of a pocket door with visual impact.

Pick a Color

Windows To Go interior doors are available with a factory finished paint or stain. When considering interior doors, consider color. Subtle or bold colors can make an interior door the highlight of the space.

Popular Door Types and Features

Flush Door

For a contemporary look, consider this clean and simple design.

Molded Wood Composite Panel

The most typical choice because of the large collection of doors that range from classic to contemporary design. Options available in solid core and hollow core.

Wood Panel Door

This is an interior door the way doors have traditionally been made,constructed of stiles, rails, mullions and panels. These components can be made of wood or wood composite (mdf)

French Doors

French doors have multiple pieces of glass called “lites” that are set into the door. Traditional French doors have individual pieces of glass set into the openings, which is called true divided lite.

Louver Door

Louvered doors use slats to provide privacy as well as allow ventilation. Typically louvered doors are used for wardrobes, closets and laundry rooms.


Finding the look that best fits your home is made much easier with over 15 species of wood to choose from, raised or flat panels, ovolo or flat sticking, as well as decorative applied mouldings to truly make your doors your own.