Repair Services

Glass Repairs

Glass Repairs

Need a home window repair? Sometimes, you don’t need to replace the entire window just because the glass is fogged, cloudy, or broken. Bring your window sash (typically easy to remove) and we will guide you through the process. Cost effective and easy to do.

Screen Repairs

Screen Repairs

Tired of torn or corroded screens? Here at Windows To Go, we can repair or replace your window screen economically and quickly. Simply bring in your old screens to repair on-site or replace. It’s easier and less expensive than you may think!

On Site Repair Services

Performance Inspection and Report


Balance Repair

$60 (excludes nylon string)

Tilt Latch Repair


Sash Lock/Keeper Repair


Glass Replacement - No Grids

$210 (up to 68 UI)

Glass Replacement - With Grids

$235 (up to 68 UI)

Screen Repair

$45 (up to 50 UI)

New Screen

$70 (up to 68 UI)

Patio Door Screen Repair


New Patio Door Screen


Casement Gear Repair

Quote Required

Storm Door Repair

Quote Required

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